Stanton Park Development was founded to meet the DC Metro Area’s ever changing landscape. SPD is proud of their local roots and is passionate about each project and seeing our city grow.

SPD carries a myriad of variety from project to project to fit with clients’ needs. In addition to taking pride in our city, we ensure that each client and project is met with the upmost service, reliability and focus that will be the correct fit for all property needs. Our services include progressive property acquisitions, sales, rentals, property management, leasing, and renovation.


Andrew focuses on the day-to-day operations of SPD and the acquisition of new business and employees. After spending a few years in the Consumer Package good Space, Andrew brings a unique set of skills to SPD. With an unparalleled passion to help and the business grow and create opportunities for clients and the city, Andrew is essential to SPD. He graduated from the University of Virginia and is very active with the outdoors in his personal life.


Ross, a Washington, D.C. resident founded Stanton Park Development with a primary focus on the acquisition of off-market properties as development opportunities. With a focus on creating direct relationships with home owners in the D.C. metro area, Stanton Park Development has been a leader in direct purchases of single family and multi-family properties.


Paul oversees the acquisitions and financial development of SPD. Paul comes to SPD with a tenured experience on Wall Street. In addition to his finance background, Paul is an acting owner/operator of several local businesses in the health and hospitality space.